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Welcome! We are so excited to introduce you to our family! We had never dreamed of having 7 kids




One of the most important qualities we wanted to teach our family, was how to have fun while serving. We have been able to be a part of Back to School Registration for Refugees and have been amazed at the lessons we have learned while we have served these beautiful people! We continue to look for more ways to serve as a family, and if you have any suggestions, please contact us.


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How do you pay it forward?

We are glad you asked! There are so many different options for cotton candy, and we wanted to use the best of the best and still create a flavor that was delicious on your taste buds, and still gave the sensation of melting in your mouth. So, after a lot of research and late night taste testing, we came up with the perfect combination of using pure organic cane sugar and infusing the clear crystals with mouth watering natural flavors and cheerful colors. Each batch is custom made for a fresh enjoyable taste to share, or to be enjoyed simply by yourself.

We are also unique because we are a family company. We love the joy that comes from working as a family and teaching our kids amazing life skills like how to work, how to communicate with people, and how to work together as a team. We love teaching our kids that hard work is absolutely worth it and can be always be fun and of course, sweet!

We also love teaching our family what it means to serve and how to best pay it forward to those truly in need with our “Cotton Tails” program. Our family is learning that the basic necesseties, like cotton underwear is often overlooked, which is why we decided to use a portion of our proceeds to purchase new and colorful calsdfkas;dfjas . To find out how you can help cover “tails” with cotton, please click on the “Cotton Tails” button on the left. We appreciate your support and excitement to join with us!

Naturally flavored cotton candy sounds delicious!

How do I get some?

You have come to the right place! But, you knew that! :) We are so happy you are interested in our cotton candy, and we can’t wait for you to try it or give it as a gift. We spin a fresh batch of your choice of our gourmet flavors custom for you with your order. Each full size balloon shaped cone is gently folded into a clear 16 ounce or 32 ounce deli container. We then seal it to keep in the freshness and send it your way to enjoy!

We are currently only taking custom orders of quantities of at least 12 or more containers. Check out a list of our flavors and sizes on our Cotton Candy page for your favorite flavors. After you choose your favorites, please contact us using our contact form and we will create an order for you and email you with an invoice within 48 hours of receiving your message.

We are so excited for you to taste the fresh natural flavors of Cotton Tail Candy! Click on the tab to the left to check out our favorite flavors and products.

Yum! My mouth is watering! Do you have other products?

Absolutely! If you are a true cotton candy lover, you most likely have your very own cotton candy machine! Right, or maybe it’s the next gift you would like to receive. Either way, we’re proud of you! After all, one of the best things about life is enjoying the sweet aroma of flavored sugar fill your home while you get the credit for bringing smiles to the faces of those around you.

With this in mind, we are pleased to offer you our naturally flavored sugars for your own spinning delight in the sizes of 1 pound and 2 pounds. Please click on the “Look Here” button for our favorite products. For larger quantities please contact us on the top right tab of this page.