If you would like to order some of our delicious gourmet cotton candy, please

contact us at  cottontailcandyco@gmail.com or

visit us at our shop on Etsy, HERE for our 16 oz. containers.

Princess Cupcake Holders-14

*** 16 ounce container of your choice of one flavor for $3.00 each or $28 for 10***

and HERE for our

*** 32 ounce container of your choice of two flavors for $5.00 each or $45 for 10***

Princess Cupcake Holders-18

Please choose from the following flavors…

— Blueberry (Blue)

— Blue Raspberry (Blue)

— Bubblegum (Pink)

— Caramel Cheesecake (White)

— Cherry Lime Soda (Red)

— Coconut (white)

— Coconut Lime (Green)

— Cotton Candy Original (Pink)

— Grape (Purple)

— Grapefruit (Light Pink)

— Honeydew Melon (Light Green)

— Horchata (White)

— Mango (Orange)

— Marshmallow (White)

— Orange Creamsicle (Orange)

— Passion Fruit (Yellow)

— Pear (Light Green)

— Pineapple (Yellow)

— Pina Colada (Yellow)

— Rootbeer (Brown)

— Strawberry (Pink)

— Strawberry Colada (Light Pink)

— Strawberry Lemonade (Yellow)

— Watermelon (Medium Pink)

— White Chocolate Raspberry (White)


** We except payment by cash, card, Pay Pal or Etsy.  Please contact us if you have any questions or for larger orders at cottontailcandyco@gmail.com


Enjoy! 🙂