Gourmet Flavors

Gourmet flavors of organic cotton candy.


We are taking a new spin with delicious flavors, on a vintage classic treat.  Clouds of pink and blue sugar fill our childhood memories with sweetness and joy as we remember the simplicity of life.  However, times have changed, and  Vanilla and Blue Raspberry, are flavors of the past.  The flair of fresh new flavors brings excitement to our taste buds as we long for the fluffy pull of the air of sugar towards our mouth. Bite after bite.

We here at Cotton Tail Candy are excited to introduce our new and delicious modern flavors to you.  Fairy dance, please…


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Each of these specialty flavors are custom mixed using only the best ingredients of the earth.  Organic sugar, all natural colors, and natural organic flavors are what draw our senses to not only a sweet and sophisticated taste in our mouths, but the sense that we are eating only the best.  Vintage cotton candy is full of white sugar equal to one can of soda.  One ounce cone of our signature flavors, are less than 50 calories each!  So, go ahead,  feel better about giving yourself a tasty treat, and creating new memories of organic natural clouds of delicious flavors, to the little people, in your life.