Brynlie’s Birthday

Our sweet Brynlie turned 4 and after A LOT of discussion, she decided she wanted to have an Ariel Swimming Party.  The kids were so sweet to help me blow up the balloons for her banner, and with 5 kids blowing and tying balloons, it was the easiest banner I have ever made!  Brynlie loved her party and she is so blessed to be surrounded by so many good friends.  We love our little girl!
Brynlie 4th Birthday Edited_First Set-2

One, two, three….  🙂  One of my favorite pictures!
Brynlie 4th Birthday Edited_First Set-4

I think Brynlie was more excited about eating her Ariel Cotton Candy favors than she was about passing them out.  We made coconut and strawberry, and mango and blueberry.   The tags were really easy to make too.  I found a free public domain image online and added the lettering in Photoshop.

The kids loved them!

Ariel Party Favors

Love this sweet, spunky, & sassy 4 year old!
Brynlie 4th Birthday Edited_First Set-10

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