12th Birthday Party… Cake Decorating Party

When I was growing up, we had a birthday party every other year.  My mom always had fun themes for our parties- long before Pinterest & Google, she would check out library books and read magazines to create the perfect party for each of us.  She had learned from her mom, and has now passed the party planning down to me.  I LOVE planning parties- especially my kids birthday parties.

This year, for Morgan’s 12 birthday party, I found out that having a birthday party is for “kids,” and is not very “cool” anymore.  So, after me insisting she have a party, we decided she could have a “hang out” for her friends and they could decorate cakes.  It was SO much fun!  The girls ate pizza first and then set to work decorating their cakes.  I made fondant from this recipe which was really easy and colored it the day before.  Then the girls colored their own buttercream frosting and decorated their individual cakes.  I loved seeing the creativity from each girl and the birthday party was a huge success and perfect for these cute pre-teens.

Morgan's birthday and cart

    For the brown packages, I bought each girl a cake mix and wrapped it in brown paper and tied with tulle. I also found these really cute little jars at Hobby Lobby with corks and had our local grocery store color sprinkles in the colors of the party.   Then, with our Coconut Cotton Candy, I put them in cupcake liners and included 12 for each girl so she could go home and make her own cupcakes. The girls were so excited to go home and continue their baking skills.   This party very inexpensive, but entertaining and fun for the girls.

Morgan's birthday and cart-4

The Cotton Candy Cupakes holders were my favorite part.  I love how they look like cupcakes and the girls LOVED them!

Morgan's birthday and cart-5

  Such a fun & easy party, and perfect for 12 year old girls.

Morgan's birthday and cart-3

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